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The Dangling Shoe
10-30-2014, 02:11 AM
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The Dangling Shoe
The expression, "waiting for the other shoe to drop" comes from the old boarding house and tenement days when the buildings were all made of wood and the walls and ceilings echoed every bump and thump made by the neighbors. You're laying there in bed and the tenant over your room gets ready for bed, and drops his first shoe on the floor. You can't get to sleep until the other shoe bangs down.

This is the present state of the entire population of our nation. Our last hope is that Conservatives win back the Senate from the Liberals in the elections Nov. 3rd. If we, since I number among the Conservatives, gain a majority in the Senate, we can do very little in the next two years before another Presidential election, to pass bills reversing all the horrors signed into law by our Socialist Muslim president, but we CAN stop any more from being passed. We can bring our Congress to a dead halt, and while this means that our nation will literally be in stasis for two years, that's far and away better than continuing the plunge into the abyss of socialism.

Should we not take back control of the Senate, then you can count on seeing the United States of America become a second-rate nation under a socialist dictatorship. That's how big that second shoe actually is. Even if we do, Barack Hussein Obama still has two years to use his "phone and pen" as he keeps reminding us, to issue a massive flurry of Executive Orders designed to destroy as much democracy and install as much socialism as he possibly can, and we can only hope that enough of our elected "representatives", a term that's come to have far less meaning than ever before, will have the courage, and it will take courage, to fight back against an expected inrushing tide of legal and not so legal directives.

No nation lasts forever and the United States has lasted for 238 years since our founding in 1776. That's a lot longer than some, but others have done better and I would like to see ours hang on as well. I don't see how it will, though. Just leaving our Southern border open and unprotected for so very long has done terrible damage to what we were, and I see no way of recovering from just that, let alone the havoc wreaked by the evil crew of Socialists who've taken over our Congress. The poverty, joblessness, neighborhood destruction and wave of continuing and worsening crime brought in by Mexicans and Central Americans, with all their gangs, filth and diseases, their draining of our tax base into the public dole, how do we reverse that?

The thud from that second shoe will either announce a second, though thin, chance for the USA to at least stave off for awhile the advance of the disease of Socialism, or the acceleration of that disease's progress in killing our nation. It all hangs on the vote. You Liberals who want to keep enjoying what you have now, consider that a vote for Socialism is a vote for your own poverty and loss of freedoms right along with everyone to the Right of you. You won't be left out of the changes to come. Can you see now that the money supporting the poor comes from you, too, and if you and millions more join those jobless poor, how much less money is there then to spread around? How much less will you and your children get to eat? How much more dangerous will your neighborhood become? If the rich are taxed until they can give no more, what do you think the chances are of you or your kids ever becoming wealthy? About zero, right?

The majority of Americans better wake up, and wake up fast. This isn't some problem for the other guy anymore. This is the most important election in your life.
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