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Cavilling Catholics
10-19-2014, 02:48 AM (This post was last modified: 10-19-2014 08:16 AM by admin.)
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Cavilling Catholics
The Catholic Church must be losing members these days, or at least is trying to gain more. "VATICAN CITY (RNS) 174 Catholic bishops on Saturday celebrated the “love of a man and a woman” in a message to mark the end of the global Synod On the Family but largely ignored hot-button issues like homosexuality and cohabitation."

Divorce is not recognized in the Catholic Church, so divorced people can't go to Communion. Considering how many Catholics have gotten divorced anyway, I guess their church is doing some backpedaling. "“Failures give rise to new relationships, new couples, new civil unions and new marriages, creating family situations which are complex and problematic,” the bishops said.

“We have reflected on how to *accompany* those who have been divorced and remarried and on their participation in the sacraments.” NOT "welcome back" or "accomodate" or "forgive" but "accompany". What the Hell does that mean, "accompany"?

They stopped far short of the revolutionary language used earlier in the week, when a mid-term document talked of “welcoming homosexual persons.” After a vocal conservative revolt, English-speaking bishops pressed to change the wording to “providing for homosexual persons”.

So now instead of claiming to reject homosexuals outright, which was hypocritical considering how many of those supposedly celibate priests are homosexuals, now they're "provide" for them. I gotta ask, too, What In HELL do they mean by "provide for".

This is one more reason why I think religions are a farce.
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